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Best Games Similar to Battle Cats

Best Games Similar to Battle Cats

The following games are similar to Battle Cats.

Astro Cat

Astro Cat is a game where you're tasked with defending the world from aliens. You must control the Astro Cat and use his abilities to defend the planet. You can activate his laser beam, use his shield, or charge up his laser beam to unleash blasts.

Purrfect Cat

Purrfect Cat is a game where you adopt a kitten and raise it to adulthood. The game features various mini-games to keep your cat healthy and happy. These mini-games include feeding, grooming, and playing with your cat.

Cat Life

Cat Life is a game where you adopt a cat and take care of it. You must take care of your cat by feeding it, bathing it, and playing with it. The game includes mini-games in which the player will play with the cat, feed the cat, and bathe the cat.

Cat Royale

Cat Royale is a game where you must help the cats reclaim their home from the dogs. You will have to use your skills to plan your attacks, train your cat army, and keep your cats happy. The game features over 120 levels where you must save the cats from the dogs.

Cute Cats

Cute Cats is a game where you can adopt a cat or create one yourself. You can create your own cat by picking the cat's eye color, nose color, mouth color, fur color, and voice. The game also features mini-games in which you can play with your cat, feed it, or bathe it.

19 Oct 2021